Get It Off Keep It Off

Tired of Diets, Weight Loss Programs, and "Challenges" That Promise Results Yet Leave You Struggling to Reach and Stay at Your Goal?

Get Results and Build Habits That Keep The Results Coming Inside “Get it Off Keep It Off” with Coach Concita


Program Outline & Details

Thursday, March 14th - Monday, April 29th

Training #1 (3/14 @ 7:30p) Revitalize Phase: 

Learn which foods and beverages to include in your daily meals to reduce bloating and water retention, increase your energy, and shed annoying water weight. 

Training #2 (3/21 @ 7:30p) Reset Phase

Learn which foods to include and reduce to reset your taste buds, get control of your hunger, and stop the cravings now so that you can feel more in control of your food choices and jumpstart your weight loss progress.  

Training #3: (3/28 @ 7:30p) Revamp Phase: 

Learn how to tweak the meals that you already enjoy to make them more Figure Friendly so that you enjoy continued weight loss without sacrificing the foods you really enjoy. 

Day 1-7: Revitalize Phase: Daily accountability for implementation of the Revitalize Phase. Day 8 – 14: Reset Phase: Daily accountability for implementation of the Reset Phase. Day 15 – 42: Revamp Phase: Daily accountability for implementation of the Revamp Phase. 

Live Q& A each Monday in the online support group.

All trainings and Q&A sessions are recorded in case you miss a live session. 

All questions can be directed toward your coach and the community inside of the Get it Off Keep it Off online support group. 

What Clients Have Said About Coaching With Concita

Sonja Wright

I'm now at the point where I can eat anywhere. Wherever I am, I can figure it out. -Sonja Wright  

Adaobi Tulton

It feels so good for my food and workouts to be on autopilot now. It's one less thing to manage when life gets busy. - Adaobi Tulton

Julia Carlson

Concita helped me get results without having to be so extreme That was a gift! - Julia Carlson

Audrey Geddes

All I can say is I listened and applied and it worked.. - Audrey Geddes 

Stephanie Greiner

I wasn't sure that I could get results with ths method because I was already doing something much more strict. I was glad to be wrong. - Stephanie Greiner

What if during only six weeks you could...

  • Eliminate bloating and water retention within the first few days
  • Decrease hunger and cravings within the first two weeks
  • Experience measurable body change within the first two weeks.
  • Feel more in control and confident that your food choices are in alignment with your goal.
  • Experience greater enjoyment of Figure Friendly meals- without deprivation and restriction.
  • Release the extra pounds without excessive exercise or strict food rules.*  
  • Establish daily practices that make continued weight management feasible - no more crash and burn when the program ends.  

What You Get 

  •  3 Live Training Sessions - 1 for each phaseof the program  
  • 6 Live Weekly Q& A Sessions
  • Daily Accountability 
  • The Get it Off Keep it Off Workbook 
  • Figure Friendly Menu Planning Workbook 
  • Get it Off Keep it Off Smoothie & Salad Template and Recipes 


  • The Get it Off Keep it Off Workout Plan 
  • The Get it Off Keep it Off Lifestyle Hacks Workbook 
  • The Get it Off Keep it Off Dining Out Guide  
  • The Mindset Mixtape (daily motivtatial audios)
  • Holiday Survival Strategies Training (for guilt-free enjoyment of festive foods without weight gain)
  • Holiday Recipes

Want more 1:1 support during the program? Just choose the Platinum Package Upgrade and get:

  • Three 1:1 Coaching Calls
  • Weekly Food Journal Review Right on Your Mobile Device (inside of the client app)
  • Unlimited Direct Email Access 

 This is For You If... 

  • You're a busy woman who is ready for a simple, efficient, and effective food and fitness approach to weight loss
  • Want to bypass the initial slow results tha many experience when attempting a lifestyle approach to weight management. 
  • Desire to eliminate the confusion and guesswork with lifestyle based weight loss to finally eat and move with confidence you're on the right path
  • Want guidance and support to craft a customized approach to sustainable weight loss. You demand an approach that fits you
  • You're ready to stop dieting and program jumping.  

 This is Not For You If... 

  • You prefer to spend and lot of time and mental energy on your food and fitness. It's your hobby and you don't care about efficiency.
  • Your priority is to lose as much weight as possible as fast as possible, ad you're not as concerned with keeping it off.
  • You're not ready to make any changes to your food or fitness - no matter how small. This isn't a good time for you to commit to anything.
  • You're already eating healthy and training consistently. You want to lose the last 5-10 pounds to get the lean "fitness model look".